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Vision Rehabilitation & Learning

Our offices provide the following options for neuro-visual rehabilitation:  


1)  Post-concussion and stroke neuro-visual rehabilitation is offered at our Cold Spring office to assist the patient in recovery.  Many patients that suffer a traumatic/or aquired brain injury suffer from post-traumatic vision syndrome (PTVS). PTVS can cause the patient to be light sensitive, have double vision, poor balance, sensation of room movement, or be bothered by visual patterns.  This can cause severe fatigue, dizziness, trouble functioning with reading, and poor balanace.  At our office, you will be assessed using modern techniques and technology.  Treatments that may be prescribed include: yoked prisms, neuro-visual retraining, spectacles, syntonics, and/or visual neuro-postural therapy. To schedule a consult with our office, please call (320) 433-4326. The consult consists of 2 separate appointment.  


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2)  Syntonics (light therapy) phototherapy uses specific wavelengths of light to achieve prescribed neuro-visual goals.  Phototherapy has be used to successfully treat many visual symptoms and disorders.  Syntonics therapy can also be used to yield faster results with a neuro-visual therapy program.    


3)  Our Cold Spring office also provides vision therapy to children that struggle with reading.  Is your child having trouble with reading, spelling, or math? Is your child's writing messy and poorly organized? Their vision may be the culprit!  Through a combination of optometric and rehabilitative therapy, we are able to imrove how the brain interprets what you see, and how you function.  We utilze fun techniques and a variety of unique therapy equipment to assess and help your child.


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Areas that we can help improve with your child:

                                      Reading speed and comprehension

                                      Letter reversals and letter formation / spacing

                                      Hand-eye coordination

                                      Visual memory for spelling and math




*Assessments take place at our St Joseph, MN location. All therapy is scheduled in our Cold Spring office or Little Falls office.*



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