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Types of Lenses

Single Vision: a single distance or near focus prescription


Multifocal: a prescription, with lines, that separate multiple focusing areas (lined bifocal or trifocal)


Progressive or PAL: a bifocal, or trifocal, without a line


Digital Progressive: Flatter, thinner designed no-line bifocal - Wider and clearer field of view


Computer Lenses: a prescription with the focusing distance set for computer use



Lens Materials

CR-39 Plastic is a light material lens. It has good clarity and is easy to tint for sunglasses. It does not have built-in UV protection and can get thick in moderate to high prescriptions.


Polycarbonate lenses are thin, lightweight, and impact resistant. They do not chip, making them a good option for a rimless frame. UV protection is built into this lens. Single vision polycarbonate is available for 24-hour lens service.


AQuity HD is a thin and light high definition lens material. It is 3 times more impact resistant than plastic and has built-in UV and scratch protection. We are the 1st and ONLY eye clinic in MN to carry this lens! AQuity HD is available for 24-hour lens service with single vision and progressives. Click HERE to see more information on this HD lens!


Trivex is a lightweight lens material with great impact and chip resistance. This is a tough little lens. It has built-in UV protection and great optical clarity. This is what you want if your frame is completely rimless.


High Index Super Thin (1.67 / 1.74 High Index)  is the thinnest lens on the market. It is great for patients with high prescriptions. It has built-in UV protection and is fine to tint for sunglasses.



Lens Options

Scratch-Resistant Coating is a clear coating that can be applied to any lens material to reduce the amount of scratching.  


Courage Coating is a clear coating that can be applied to any lens material to make it scratch proof. This lens coating is the toughest coating on the market today, and is warrantied for 2 years against scratching.


UV 400 Protective Coating is a clear coating that blocks out the harmful UV rays from the sun (like sunscreen for your eyes). UV damage can cause cataracts and macular degeneration.


Anti-Reflective Coating is a multilayer coating applied to any lens material to reduce glare and enhance the appearance of the lens. AR coatings will have a slight blue, green, purple, or gold appearance, depending on the brand. There is a basic AR and a premium AR. The premium AR is warrantied longer, more scratch resistant, and more hydrophobic than the basic AR coatings.


Polarized Lenses are sunglass lenses that are designed to eliminate reflective glare and increase contrast acuity. These are great lenses for any type of water sport or winter driving.


Photochromatic Lenses are clear indoors and darken to sunglasses when you go outside. There are many different brands of photochromatics, such as Transition, PhotoGrey, LifeRx, and SunSensors. They come in all materials and lens types. Please note that these do not darken well in the car.


Vantage/DriveWear Transition Lenses are photochromatic lenses that have a light tint all the time and darken further under sun exposure. These lenses are also polarized.

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